"A true contribution to the literature of orchestration."

Samuel Adler
Professor Emeritus, Eastman School of Music
Composition Faculty, Juilliard School
Author, The Study of Orchestration

"Samuel Solomon's instructive and beautifully informative treatise is a must for all composers, conductors and instrumentalists. By far the most absorbing and demanding book on percussion writing, it is rivetingly interesting and will never cease to instruct, to inspire and to inform."

Jeffrey Milarsky
Professor in Music, Columbia University
Conductor, New York New Music Ensemble
Assistant Conductor, American Composers Orchestra

"The choreographic, ergonomic, and psychological relationship between player and part has as much impact on how it will sound in performance as the shape of the instrument and the molecular weight of the beaters, because rhythm, phrasing, feel, and attitude are as important as sound. Yet How to Write for PERCUSSION is the first book to address these issues and discuss not only the instruments but also the artists who play them. It is fantastically detailed and informative, and it will be required reading in my classes and a fixture on my desk."

Steven Mackey
Electric Guitarist
Professor of Music, Princeton University

"How to Write for PERCUSSION is most welcome! I found many valuable, helpful, and interesting ideas and concepts vis a vis the scoring for percussion instruments. Composers should be delighted with and grateful for a handbook such as this. I certainly am!"

Pia Gilbert
Faculty: Graduate Music Studies, Juilliard School
Emerita Professor and Resident Composer for Dance and Theater, UCLA

"How to Write for PERCUSSION is an absolutely astounding treatise! It is comprehensive, well-organized, well-written and is certain to make an enormous contribution."

Nancy Zeltsman
Percussion Department Chair, Professor of Marimba, The Boston Conservatory
Associate Professor of Marimba, Berklee College of Music
Artistic Director, Zeltsman Marimba Festival

"Thank you Sam! Finally a book I can send composers to for reliable percussion advice and information. You've aided us all."

Gordon Gottlieb
Recording Artist, New York City
Regular Guest, New York Philharmonic
Percussion Faculty, Juilliard School

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